Why you should join

Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Become a Member of the Institute and Attempt Professional Banking Examinations:

  1. Some Banking career opportunities are only open to those who have a professional (TIOB) banking qualification.
  2. The Institute of Bankers in Tanzania is a professional body and membership will keep members in touch with the opportunities and developments in banking.
  3. By succeeding in banking studies members have a definite way of demonstrating their ability and potential. It is the one success factor that depends only on individual members.
  4. The wide range of subjects available enables members to decide on their career direction by specializing in those areas that they find the most stimulating and interesting
  5. As the study streams are arranged with practical banking in mind, the knowledge and skills gained can be put into immediate use and increase members value to a bank. This will enable members to work with confidence in any department of any bank.
  6. Generations of bankers who will attain the Institute’s qualification will rise to great heights in their chosen profession.
  7. Qualification diversification will make a member outstanding from a crowd of similar professionals.