There are six categories of members of the Institute:

(i) Corporate Members;
(ii) Honorary Fellows;
(iii) Fellows;
(iv) Associate Members
(v) Ordinary Members;
(vi) Student Members.

(a) Corporate Members:  Shall be all the banks and financial institutions registered and carrying on banking business in Tanzania.

(b) Honorary Fellows:  who shall be persons of distinction in the practice or literature of banking, commercial law, economics or kindred subjects and who on invitation, or nomination by at least two or more Fellows as described in (b) hereunder, shall be accepted by the Council as fit and proper persons on the basis of their learning and contribution to the field of banking and financial institution management and additionally on the basis of character and public bearing, and shall have been elected by the Council to the rank of Honorary Fellow of the Institute;

(c) Fellows:  Shall be elected by the Council from among the Associates on the nomination of at least three Fellows of the Institute who shall certify in writing that the nominee is a fit and proper person to be considered and elected a Fellow;

(d) Associates:  Shall be individuals who have passed such examinations or obtained such qualifications as the Council may from time to time prescribe or approve.

(e) Ordinary Members:  Shall be such student members as shall on ceasing to be students automatically become Ordinary Members when eligible in terms of the Council requirements and in addition such persons as shall be elected by the Council from the staff of any Corporate Member’s establishment or from persons in other relevant employment who have met such other requirements as the Council may determine from time to time.

(f) Student Members: Shall be individuals without regard to any employment they may have but subject to such requirements of the Council and shall automatically become ordinary members when eligible in terms of the requirements.