TIOB launches basics of Credit Risk Modelling Course

  • New course launched – Credit Risk Modelling series for all financial institutions
  • TIOB launches new learning platform for bankers and financial institutions


January 14th 2019 – The representative of the Deputy Governor: Financial Stability and Deepening, launched the basics of Credit Risk Modelling, through Tanzania Institute of Banker’s online Learning platform.


Launching the course in Dar,es salam – Mr. Nassor Omary , , applauded the Institute for completion of the online learning platform and the kick-off of this important course that will enable financial institutions to make better lending decisions, to improve assessment of credit risk, and will help financial institutions know the risk factors to be aware of .


Developed in partnership with U.S. based institution,  Kentara Analytics, The Basics of Credit Risk Modelling is the FIRST ONLINE COURSE of the Credit Risk Modelling Curriculum accessible on  The curriculum will also cover Modelling defaults; Credit Risk data; Scoring Models and Credit Ratings; Analytics; Simulations ; Capital Allocation and Risk contributions ; and Risk – adjusted Performance Measures.


The risks associated with credits and lending has grown over the years; there is need to fill in this gap and address the default risks that lenders and borrowers are exposed to. A key example is the significant growth of Non-performing Ls (NPLs) as banks continue to issue new loans.


The  Basics of Credit Risk Modelling course offered by the Tanzania Institute of Banker’s  has three tracks:  Analyst – basic credit risk calculations using Microsoft Excel; Non-Analyst – overview of credit risk modelling and its components, expected and unexpected losses, and regulatory capital; and the Full Track – which includes both the Analyst and Non-Analyst tracks.


Speaking during the launch, Mr. Patrick Mususa, the Executive Director at TIOB, said “We are excited about this new learning initiative at TIOB as the online school will offer cost effective and efficient learning opportunities for professional bankers and those in the financial industry in Tanzania and beyond. The Basics of Credit Risk Modelling course that will kick off today is built as a foundation for the treatment of different types of loans, and aimed to ENHANCE PERFORMANCE in handling NPLs.


NPLs  are a key factor in the performance of any financial institution which sells credit as one of its core business activities. An increase in the ratio of NPLs against the total loan book of a financial institution should be only be tolerated if it does not put at risk the funds available to the financial institution to enable its daily operations.


Emphasizing on the importance of taking this course , Mr. Nassor called on all financial institutions to register and ensure all those dealing with Credit matters take this course……



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