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TIOB Teachable Platform

The TIOB teachable platform is an online learning platform  that offers an exclusive school delivering cost effective and efficient  learning opportunities  for professional bankers and those in the financial industry in Tanzania and beyond. Students will now be able to access banking and finance – based learning through course materials  videos and online tests.

The Basics of Credit Risk Modelling

What you will find along the way is that this foundation will also help you to make better lending decisions, to improve your assessment of credit risk, and to cure systemic mispricing.
You can choose one of three tracks: 

  • Analyst (Tsh.20,000)– basic credit risk calculations using MicroSoft Excel
  • Non-Analyst (Tsh.20,000)– overview of credit risk modelling and components, expected and unexpected losses, and regulatory capital
  • Full Track (Tsh.30,000) – includes both the Analyst and Non-Analyst tracks

Credit Risk Modelling Series

Credit Risk Modelling reduces credit risk and helps financial institutions assess and manage the exposures of handling credit. The TIOB – Kentara Basics of Credit Risk Modelling is the first course of the Credit Risk Modelling Curriculum. The curriculum also covers Modelling defaults; Credit Risk data; Scoring Models and Credit Ratings; Analytics; Simulations ; Capital Allocation and Risk contributions ; and Risk – adjusted Performance Measures

How to pay for the course
 You can pay through NMB Wakala or at any NMB Branch or Stanbic bank or through M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa  and/or Halopesa

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You can Pay for this course using the following methods:

  1. Cash Deposit at any NMB Wakala or Branch to Account no. 20110028061 or Stanbic Account No. 9120000365163 
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  3. Mobile Money-to-Bank transaction on M-Pesa or Tigo Pesa to TIOB's NMB Account no. 20110028061 OR Stanbic Account No. 9120000365163
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