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The Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB) was established in 1993 under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 212) of the laws of Tanzania, with the mandate of promoting the banking profession by providing professional banking education and skills development to bank staff in Tanzania.  This mandate followed the liberalization of the banking and financial sector in the country which opened doors to private banks and financial institutions. In the formative stages, the aim was to alleviate the acute shortage of professional and efficient career bankers, thus promoting quality banking and financial services to the public.


Objectives of the Institute:

The main objective for which TIOB was established is to certify professionally qualified bankers in Tanzania.

In support of its main objective TIOB executes the following roles:

  • To play a leading role as the professional body for persons engaged in the banking and financial services industry, to promote the highest standards of competence, practice and conduct among persons engaged in the banking and financial services industry, and to assist in the professional development of its Members, whether by means of examination, awards, certification or otherwise and ensure quality assurance.


  • To promote, encourage and advance knowledge and best practices in banking and financial services in all their aspects, whether conventional or Islamic, and any other products or activities as may, from time to time, be undertaken by the banks and financial institutions.


  • To establish standards of education and experience appropriate for person engaged in the practice of banking and financial services and to hold examinations and tests of knowledge and experience in these areas.


  • To prescribe a code of Professional Conduct for persons engaged in the practice of banking and financial services, and to maintain the observance of such standards by all its members. In so doing, the Institute shall operate a scheme for regulating the professional conduct and discipline of members of the Institute and of other persons who agree to be subject to the scheme.


  • To set, mark and conduct or approve examinations in banking subjects and accordingly to issue professional qualification in banking either alone or jointly with other educational or professional bodies.


  • To undertake research in the fields of banking and other financial services including but not limited to conventional banking, Islamic banking, insurance, securities and other products and activities undertaken by the banks and financial institutions from time to time.


  • To provide facilities as may be deemed necessary to the objects of the Institute, including the establishment and operation of a training and education centre, banking reference library and headquarters office, training sub-centres, local centres and branch offices.


  • To promote, encourage and provide opportunities for members to acquire knowledge of the theory and practice of banking and to facilitate the consideration and discussion of matters of interest to bankers and persons associated with banks and financial institutions.


  • To liaise with stakeholders, educational bodies, colleges and institutions of higher learning and cooperate in the developing of teaching syllabus of the professional qualifications in banking but with the institute remaining the examining body responsible for setting papers, moderating and appointing of examiners.


  • To provide facilities for reading, discussion and publication of approved papers by members of the Institute and others and to arrange for the delivery of lectures and the provision of instructions on banking and other subjects of interest or practical use to bankers.


As part of its efforts to improve the access to banking education and to enhance the quality and consistency of what is being taught TIOB wishes to provide its courses via a digital learning environment. 


In order to do this TIOB is searching for a total digital learning solutions partner that will do the following:


  • Identify the needs of the industry/market, taking into consideration existing learning programmes.
  • Provide a system to deliver digital learning content.
  • Manage the learners and the learning environment.
  • Make digital learning content accessible.
  • Provide a platform for dialogue amongst members of the institution.
  • Incorporate a reporting system that provides real time information.
  • Provide capability of conducting online testing and examinations.
  • To propose a financial model that will help TIOB to achieve its institutional objectives sustainably.  


The key performance indicators for the new digital learning management system will be:

  • Number of TIOB members using the system regularly.
  • The number of courses that are completed using the digital system.
  • The perceived relevance of the courses in improving productivity.
  • The perceived quality and consistency of the learning.
  • Recognition by members of the impact that TIOB is having on the banking and finance sector.


TIOB is seeking a solutions partner (individual or firm) that can demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Experience in designing and developing digital learning courses, demonstrated by a minimum of 2 projects of a similar nature.
  • That they understand the local environment and can develop solutions that are fit for this environment.
  • Their knowledge and ability to manage and monetise a digital learning platform.
  • That the solution will meet the performance indicators outlined above.
  • They have the organisational skill to manage the digital transformation.
  • Ability to expand to other regions.



Selection criteria: 

TIOB will use the following criteria to shortlist potential partners/bidders:

  • Does the bidder show their understanding of TIOB and the market?
  • Have they understood the local banking sector and how the new system needs to fit into what TIOB does?
  • Do they clearly demonstrate the following qualities?
    • Strategic management expertise.
    • Project management expertise.
    • Financial planning expertise.
    • Course design expertise.
    • Course content management expertise.
    • Local teaching experience.
    • Research & analytical skills.
    • Stakeholder engagement & management expertise.


  • Does the bidder understand that this is a journey of partnership and the delivery of the system is the start and not the end of the relationship?
  • Does the bidder show their willingness and ability to engage in “skills transfer” and development of local talent?



Method of Bidding:

Potential partners/bidders are requested to submit the following:

  1. a technical proposal and,
  2. a financial proposal,

To the official email address of TIOB, and also deliver a hard copy (2 copies of each of (a) and (b)) to TIOB’s offices on 5th Floor, Faykat Tower, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road (near Airtel Head Office) by Wednesday 25th July, 2018.