Continuing Education

In today’s economy, the banking and financial services industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, making it more important than ever for banking and financial professionals to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to stay on top of change and excel in serving their customers. It is for this reason that one of the Institute’s mandate is to provide banking education and skills development for the Industry’s staff. Thus; TIOB conducts continuing education/training programme aimed at meeting training needs.


The Institute conducts Training Needs Assessment periodically within banks and financial institutions to enable designing of training programme aimed at filling the knowledge and skills gaps of bank staff as established in the assessment. The programme is known as “Continuing Banking Education programme”. It is specifically designed to meet the training needs of banks and financial institutions and touches all levels of staff from Clerical, Supervisory to Managerial staff. In other words, the programme caters for the banking education and skills development of staff in the banking industry in the Country.


As an industry-based education institution, the Institute prides itself in staying closely attuned to those it serves. This means nurturing a close relationship with its members to proactively identify emerging training and education needs. We pay careful attention to what members say and will continue to develop a comprehensive, quality knowledge base that reflects our members’ needs.


The Continuing Banking Education Programme provides the educational opportunities to our members to foster their continued personal and professional growth in the banking and financial sector.